Whats new on the farm?

The Broiler Meat Birds

We could not be more happy with the interest we have been receiving with people wanting to order chickens with us! In just 3 weeks we sold out our batch that will be processed on April 19th. This batch has been doing really well and putting on weight pretty quick. They have been eating quite a bit of grass which means we might have to consider moving the chicken tractor twice a day.

The May batch just got out of the brooder this past Thursday and is on pasture in the other chicken tractor. It did not take long at all for these guys to start foraging around for grass and bugs. We started receiving deposits for this batch so make sure to place your orders now before they sell out!

Egg Layers

We have been receiving quite a few orders for the pastured raised eggs and had to put them on back order. Even though people know they are on back order they are okay with waiting and still placing orders. This is very exciting to know that our local community is wanting to chose our eggs over store bought eggs!

With the increase demand we decided to increase our flock. We just received 25 layer chicks that we are hoping will start laying before fall. This is just a small step to our plan of having a large flock that we will be utilizing an “eggmobile”. Once we have this model in full swing we should not have to put our eggs on back order.

Guardian Goose

Beings we are increasing our layer flock we decided to get a Chinese Goose to help scare away predators. Fortunately we do not have much of a predator problem other than arial predators such as hawks, which the Chinese Goose is known for doing a good job of scaring them away. We really looking forward to seeing it grow up!




Our Goat Lolly

We thinking Lolly is due to have her baby at the end of April! We started fixing up her pen to make it  comfortable for her and the baby (if she decides to use it). She is getting very big and follows us around everywhere we go so we try to give her attention as much as we can. Once she has the baby we will be sure to post pictures on our Facebook and Instagram page!


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