Who’s Your Farmer?

With large corporations hiding behind labels such as “cage free, free range, organic, and so on. It’s hard to know what it all means and to know if in fact you are getting what you think you are. One way to solve this is by getting to know the first name of your farmer and to know exactly what you are getting.

With Guidry’s Cajun Farmstead you can follow the farm’s activities on social media, or even better, stop by the farm for a visit! You can see and learn about where your food comes from while making a long lasting relationship and friendship with your farmer.

Farm to Fork Freshness


Pasture Raised

Where our animals can actually live like true animals. Fresh grass, bugs, seeds, worms, and sun. Experience what real meat is supposed to taste like.

More Than Just Food

Experience the benefits of knowing your local farmer. Follow the farm’s activities and animals on social media. We also encourage you to come visit the farm. Try that with Tyson Farms…