What makes us different?

99% of chicken comes from indoor industrial factory farms. We believe in a regenerative agriculture approach with permaculture principals.

No antibiotics or vaccinations

Isn’t that dangerous? Yes, when you jam pack thousands of animals, like chickens in an enclosed facility like the picture shown.

Avian influenza out breaks in Chicken factories and other diseases or an issue, some cases up to 48 million chickens died in a dozen states. They can’t keep pumping them with vaccines fast enough to help stop these outbreaks.

One of the biggest defenses of these viruses is Sunlight. Go figure.

Our model

Instead of having animals practically walking on top of each other and defecating where they eat, drink and sleep, we move our birds every day to mimic nature because no animal in the wild stays stationary. The manure goes into the soil, we move them to fresh grass then the previous days area is now naturally fertilized creating a healthier pasture.

Our birds get to have a natural diet such as grass, seeds, bugs and grubs as well as non-antibiotic feed to help supplement their diet. The shelter that our birds live in “chicken tractor” is not to keep the birds in but to keep the preditors out. This also helps move them around easily and giving them a fresh salad bar every day which creates a happy healthy chicken!