We did it guys!

I am still trying to take it all in and wrap my head around that we were able to pull it off and reach our kickstarter goal! Not only that we reached our goal, we received close to $4,000 above our goal of $24,750.

Now that the campaign is over and we reached the goal, now the work begins! We have a ton we need to get done to get us back to processing. Heres a list of some of the tasks we have on our plate.

  1. Send out backers surveys from kickstarter to everyone who donated to receive information on rewards.
  2. Once we receive the surveys we can start ordering shirts, hats, stickers and insulated tote bags. (This will take a little time for us to receive the surveys, receive the kickstarter funds, place the orders and ship them out for those who are out of town)
  3. Begin planning the layout of our processing facility.
  4. Break ground and start the building process. (We hoping to start the beginning of November)
  5. Start ordering equipment that we need to upgrade for processing.
  6. Build at least 2 additional chicken tractors to be able to raise more birds.
  7. Purchase Freezers/Coolers to help stock inventory.

This is just some of the major steps we have coming. We will do our best to keep everyone posted on our progress with this project.

Our Vision

We would like to see our farm grow into a place where you have the ability to swing by the farm and shop for foods grown directly on our farm such as pasture raised chicken, eggs and pork as the main items. A goal of ours is to have a small farm store at the front of our property that will have fridges and freezers where all our farm products will be sold.

Pasture Raised Chicken

Once our facility is built we will be the only state inspect poultry processor in Lafourche and Terrebonne parish. This will legally allow us to sell directly to our customers, sale whole sale to grocery stores and restaurants if we are able to expand to that point.


Currently our pork is only being sold as whole or half custom processing but our plans are to have our pork processed at an inspected facility where we will be allowed to sell individual cuts such as pork chops, ribs, roasts etc. This will make it easier and more affordable for those who may not want to buy a whole or half pig.

Pasture Raised Eggs

We recently made the jump from having a small backyard flock of around 25 hens to now having 180! They arrived as day old chicks at the beginning of October and are growing like crazy! These birds will be raised a little more different than our current hens. These will be living inside an electric fence system where a mobile hen house will be placed and every few days the whole system will be moved to fresh pasture giving the old area time to rest and regrown while the new area will give plenty of natural nutrition to the hens. We are anticipating the hens to start laying in February and be full producing by March/April. At top production we will be collecting well over 100 eggs a day!


Thats right, we will be planing to raise turkeys right here down the bayou. Very similar to how we raise our chickens the turkeys will be raised on pasture as well. Right now our only option in Lafourche parish for a turkey is a frozen turkey bought at a big box store unless you have the ability to raise your own. We will be starting off only raising turkey for the holiday season and see how we do before going into year round production .

Thank you for your support

I want to thank everyone who donated and helped bring this project to life! This shows me how much of a great community we live in and when you are trying to accomplish something that you truly believe in, and you have others that believe in you then a lot is possible!


Farmer Jady

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