Doubling Broiler Production

With the continued requests for our broilers, we decided to increase our production from 50 a month to 100. We do not have a big operation but this is still a big step for us! Our first batch of 100 chicks arrived on June 4th. Within 2hrs of opening up for orders, we received deposits on all the birds!

We will have another batch of 100 chicks arriving the first week of July and we will be making a post on our Facebook page again for when we will begin taking new orders. We will continue with batches of 100 for the next few batches and we will see if we are able to increase again in the near future. Processing and cooler space will be our biggest hurdles while we continue to increase our production so any extra help we can get during our harvest days would help out tremendously.



Farm Tour

This past weekend 6-20-20 we had our first farm tour! When we started our farm I had the vision of making it to where anyone is welcomed to come by for a visit.
One of our main goals is to connect the farm directly to our customers and what better way to do that than having a farm tour. Obviously kids love seeing and interacting with the animals but this also allows adults to come see in person how our animals are raised and giving them a fun and education time. We hope to make the tour more robust over time. I’m sure as our farm grows the more will will have to offer for our tours. Be on the look out for when we set the date for the next one!

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